Flanged Steel Collectors

Flanged Steel Collectors Technical Features

  • T out cold branch with forming
  • Collar with flange connection flanging
  • FM certificate ERW steel pipe
  • Sinergic MIG-MAG welding
  • Degrease and chrome3 coat
  • Optional dip galvanizing
  • Desired size and custom manufacturing
  • Flange collector: 4” – 12” up
  • Threaded ends: ISO 228 gas
  • DIN 2642 PN16 flanged collar

Please contact our sales representative for detailed information.


  • Two outputs flanged steel collectors
  • Three outputs flanged steel collectors
  • Collector producing up to 6000 mm.
  • Collector producing depending on customer requirement.
  • The customer determines collector measurements.
    * Special collector producing depending on costumer requipment. Please contact sales department.
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