Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tanks Technical Features

  • One and double – skinned producing
  • Fireproof glass fiber insulation double walled tanks
  • FM certified flame trapvacuum valve and pressure safety valve
  • Diving type AISI304 double contact magnetic level switch 220V
  • Locked tank filler cap 2”
  • G reserve tank connection input.

Fuel Tanks Optional Features

  • PE transperent level indicator
  • AISI304 magnetic level indicator
  • Temperature level indicator
  • Intake filter and cleaning cover for tank
  • Ex-proof level switch

Fuel Tanks Technical Information

  • All dimension and weights of mm and kg.
  • Dimensions and weights are given as a single-walled tank.
  • Please contact us to double-walled tank weights. please contact our sales represantative for special production tanks.
Please contact our sales representative for detailed information.

Meka producing fluid fuel tanks with the standard dimensions and sized are carried out the customer demand. Fuel tanks are providedas standard equipment. These equipments are the flame holder vacuum valve, pressure relief valve, magnetic level switch, locking fuel filler cap, spare tank collector jack, lifting eyes.

Equipment options available. All tanks are tested under the pressure of 6 bar. All single and double – skinned tank model are manufactured. FM certified equipment used in fuel tanks. Desired type of paint and primer is applied to the tank

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